Who is Mr. V²

Frankly, that is really not very important.

What you can download here are snippets of my emotions as they were when I made them. The work has been generated throughout the past few decades. Last last decade i haven’t been too active due to my heavy workload on my daily job.

But i do attempt to release new stuff here and there.

Legal details:
I’m an unsigned independent artist releasing free (as in free for download, distributing and remixing) music content. Please read the common creative license at the bottom of this site for exact details. If you do want to use my work commercially, a specific written consent can be arranged for either case of live performance, use in advertisements or other commercial reproductions of my sole work.

Some of the available work on this site include Common Creative licensed material from third party artists. These works are negotiable for a waiver consent only for the parts that i have created myself and i will make available an edition of the requested work, that excludes all restrictive-licensed third party content along with the signed agreement.

I have a gmail account, simply add a dot between my first and last name and paste the gmail domain behind the add sign to contact me.
Mail me your price proposal and i will consider your offer.


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