It was time for a bit of a site renewal.

I even had my site down due to my domain expiration. (though it has been paid in full for years, so that should never have happened).

Anyway, the site is up again.

Also it was never possible to leave comments here due to spam engines wasting my comment space.

Let’s see what the antispam plugin i use for the most used CMS, does here.

One of the files that hasn’t been downloadable from the internet for a long time you can now grab from my jukebox on the right.

      1. Pixy Flavors

Other files that i haven’t posted since 2008:


Ohw, the complete playlist on the right contains all files in alphabetical order, but not in chronological order….. Some date back to 1994 when i didn’t had really quality gear or samples …
But at least the majority of my history is open for all ears (or those who can stand it).

So download and listen at your own risk 🙂

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