While cleaning up, not did i only found the embarrassing hip-hop tune I submitted to the mtldnb contest, i also managed to find the original RNS song that I presumed lost forever.


So well, i had to go and fix the badly synchronized vocals.

Still i have the idea that when they were rapping at the beginning, the engineer slowly turned down the bpm to make their lives a little easier. It is noticable, once the vocals turn steady, they stay steady while i don’t do anything with the bpm.


      1. Fancy Rubbish (Feat Jamalski)


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  1. Hi Vince

    This is Jason Nunn here (JsNO). I’m not sure if you remember me. You wrote some music for me for a game called Nighthawk in 1998. Long story short, Linux bundlers stopped distributing my game in 2000 because it had Starwars sound FX in it. After that, it sort of died a slow heat death. A few supports/curators kept it going on a site called sourceforge, but they weren’t programmers and could not maintain it or modernise it. I was asked by supporters to fix up the game, but I told them I had moved on in life…. Anyway, over 20 years later, I got my web site back up and running. When I reedited my Nighthawk page, I had a tear of nostalgia. I looked back at this pioneering game I wrote in the 90’s that ran on a desktop suite that wasn’t designed for it (Linux/Xwindows are very clunky OS !). I felt it was a big achievement when I released 2.0 in 1998 with stereo sound FX and there wasn’t many games around like it. I’ve felt sad that this game faded into oblivion. It’s sort of like its unfinished business.

    ..and so for the past month I have been modernising it. Removing old archaic Unix specific support and making it support OpenGL and OpenAL (with some tweaking, it should run on anything now). Hopefully if it gains support again, somebody will be able to port it to Windows.

    Anyway, what I what like to ask, when you gave me the XM file in 1998, I converted it to my Funktracker format (because my game had the funktracker playback code built into it and it would have been a ballache to incorporate XM code). The path of least resistance was to convert your file to fnk. Unfortunately the pitch of the notes was not replicated (because the fnk format didn’t have the octave range of XM). I want to ask you if I can use your very latest compressed music file (nighthawk.mp3) in my revamped game ?

    Sorry for the long message.

    Anyway, it’s been 20 years :). Hope you are going well. I see a lot of pics of you when I google you. You have changed a bit 🙂 (and me too).

    Anyway, I hit send now and look forward to your reply 🙂

    Cheers (and “See ya”)

    Jason Nunn
    Adelaide, South Australia

    1. Hi Jason,

      Ofcourse you can use the mp3 version of the file.
      It is common creatives license for any non commercial purpose.


  2. Thank you for that, you did some pretty good work for Jason’s humble little game. By the way, I’m the maintainer and project manager with the poor coding skills. As Jason has said, we’re making it into a form whereby it can at least gain a new life on more modern systems, and your tune has been a hallmark of the game for me personally.

    Regards (again),
    brickviking (a.k.a. DrSmokey, Viking667)

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